CR3 is investing over MYR 9 million in Malaysia following the award of several term contracts, including the daily maintenance and turnaround services for the integrated refinery and petrochemical complex in Pengerang.

New automated cleaning equipment and a 125-ton (Peinemann) bundle puller for performing heat exchanger maintenance, represent some of the recent additions to our fleet to enhance safety and improve efficiency. Our new 5-lance inside bundle cleaner is able to clean 1,000 tubes per hour. While our excavator mounted high-pressure jetting machine cleans the outside of bundles and accessories, all from the safety of the operator cabin. For smaller equipment, our 3-flex lance drive units have the latest functionality to improve setup time, safety and cleaning effectiveness. All this equipment is driven by high-pressure water pumps with capacities from 110 litres/min up to 250 litres/min at 15,000 psi.

CR3 is making further investments in other major equipment for the ARDS multi-year term contract, which will utilise CR3’s innovative Advanced Wet Dumping (AWD) technology. AWD is proven to be safer, faster and more reliable than conventional methods, enabling schedules to be guaranteed and delivering considerable cost savings.

Our Pengerang Site Office will become a centre for technical training to develop and continuously improve the skills of the local workforce to support the facility for the long term.