We recently completed the catalyst replacement and internal inspection on three of the largest multi-bed reactors at refineries in western India. Each of the 3-bed reactors contained around 1,100 m3 of catalyst.

The pre-treatment units (PTU) and hydrodesulfurisation (DHDS) unit required routine maintenance to optimise the performance and improve product quality. Even amidst these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we executed the work safely and efficiently within the schedule, thereby minimising downtime. Our talented crews have adapted quickly to new methods of stakeholder engagement. With the use of remote audio and video connectivity, we ensured seamless communication channels between all those involved. The interface was very efficient at all junctures.

We are very proud of our team and grateful for their dedication and perseverance having to deal with the immensely draining protocols in place during the lengthy (30-day) quarantine, and throughout the job to keep everyone safe and coronavirus free. The clients also appreciated our efforts and were delighted by our efficient execution and safety excellence.