CR3 Singapore was invited by Anabeeb to help plan and execute a large mechanical decoking and inspection project for Saudi Aramco refinery at Yanbu during their March 2019 shutdown.

The month-long shutdown included decoking work performed by Anabeeb together with CR3 while the intelligent pigging was performed by a specialist inspection contractor.

A total of eight furnaces were mechanically decoked and inspected using ultrasonic (UT) intelligent pigging tools.

The initial scope of six furnaces was modified to eight midway through the shutdown when the client, Saudi Aramco, added two more furnaces for mechanical decoking only. Anabeeb, with CR3’s support, was able to mobilize additional piggs on time for the cleaning. Decoking activities for these two extra furnaces were completed swiftly without impacting the overall schedule.

The client was delighted with our decoking work as we were able to clean their furnaces quickly and efficiently with superior execution.

CR3 Singapore appreciates Anabeeb’s decoking specialists and mechanical crews for their excellent work and their dedication to making this job a success.