We recently used our Advanced Wet Dumping technique to safely and efficiently unload several resid hydrodesulfurisation (RHDS) reactors at a refinery in Vietnam. This technique combines drilling and hydro-blasting technology to remove virtually all of the fused catalyst in the reactor without having to enter the vessel. It significantly decreases the amount of wastewater generated and maintains the integrity of the internal components as no mechanical equipment is used during the process.

Process improvements were implemented on this job, further enhancing efficiencies, based on lessons learnt from the previous change-out on the same modules.

The client was grateful we were able to identify and fix internal reactor issues during the change-out that had caused problems in the previous run. Following the repairs, we reloaded the vessels and used the CR3 Dense Loader for all dense loading requirements.

We faced multiple challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.   We appreciate the support of many organisations who were instrumental in arranging the logistics to and from the site, along with the mandatory quarantine required.  All employees were subject to health checks and received Fit to Fly documents before travelling. Strict protocols were enforced throughout the entire project to ensure the safety of all.

We are grateful for the hard work and professionalism our team demonstrated throughout the job and appreciate the sacrifice they made to be away from their homes and families during these troublesome times.


The Royal Thai Embassy in Hanoi organized the 5th special flight back to Thailand.