Our large in-house teams of highly trained engineers, planners, procurement personnel and technicians combined with our regular investments in the latest equipment, tools and systems maintain our reputation as the region’s leading provider of revamps and small-to-medium EPCC projects. Operating under a single project management team to ensure optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency, we support our customers with detailed planning, execution and ongoing maintenance services for various revamp and EPCC scopes.

Furthermore, our strategic partnerships boost our in-house capabilities to ensure the highest levels of competence and professionalism are present on every job. With each project success, the experience and knowledge gained is channelled into the next generation of solutions.

Our workflow management systems bring improved transparency of where resources can be shared, allow us to track compliance with operational and contractual KPIs and assist us in delivering significant productivity gains for our customers.



  • A refinery underwent their largest and most complex revamp/turnaround in history to increase capacity by 10,000 b/d


  • Constructability reviews maximised the installation of new pipework, structures and equipment pre-event, saving significant time and reducing manpower numbers during peak periods


  • Refinery was restarted on schedule and performed as expected at new capacity. An innovative contract model with aligned objectives delivered significant savings

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