Your Challenges

Flare systems play a vital role in protecting refineries and petrochemical facilities by enabling them to be depressurised in a safe and controlled manner following an upset or emergency.

Hence, making sure the flare system is well maintained and fully operational is a key priority for all operators, particularly with it being a last line of defence against a major incident.

How We Support Your Business

We have extensive experience of providing complete flare system revamps and maintenance services including construction, erection, inspection, cleaning, repairs, flare tip replacements, guy wire tensioning, dismantling and complete project management. Our combination of applying the latest equipment and multi-skilled technicians in a ‘blind to blind’ turnkey approach helps to minimise downtime and maximise returns.

The CR3 Difference

We continually invest in the latest tools and techniques to ensure we deliver optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency. We minimise time and cost by having a multi-skilled workforce and a one-team approach that covers safety management, cleaning, inspection, structural engineering, heavy lifting, plus any repairs and all mechanical work.

Main Services Include

  • Flare tip replacement (onshore and offshore)
  • Flare tip and ignition system maintenance and inspection
  • Flare stack and riser construction, maintenance and inspection
  • Flare derrick structure construction, maintenance and inspection
  • Flare system revamps
  • Drone inspections
  • Heavy and special lifting equipment and associated structural engineering services (including winches, sheaves, crane block, gantry, etc.)
  • Guy wire replacement, tensioning, maintenance and inspection
  • Online flare maintenance (with Hydro-shield technology)
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