Our experts meet your demands for shorter change-outs, leaner project teams and superior quality standards for all reactor types with end-to-end solutions that reduce downtime and increase profitability.

We set the benchmark for quality, safety and schedule in complex catalyst change-out projects involving Parex, FCC and CCR units.

With a track record of successful project delivery, certification letters in place with all major catalyst vendors and the largest fleet of catalyst handling equipment and numbers of catalyst technicians in the region, we are regarded as Asia’s leading catalyst handling expert.



  • An Aromatics producer needed to replace all internals and over 1,280 m3 of adsorbent during a Parex re-load to improve yields


  • Having performed over 25 similar projects, we mobilized specialist equipment and crews to execute the work


  • We completed the job in a new world record time and generated significant returns, as the unit started up earlier than expected

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