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When physical access is not desirable or possible, chemical cleaning is the preferred method for removing unwanted substances from polluted surfaces. Once the deposits/scales are removed, the operational effectiveness of the equipment is increased, yielding significant savings in lower operating costs.

How We Support Your Business

Our chemical cleaning services fall into 4 main categories:

Process Cleaning:

Process cleaning removes pollutants caused by operating processes such as waterborne scale, excess magnetite, cuprous oxide, polynuclear aromatics, iron sulphide (FeS), heavy tar and others


Pre-operational cleaning of newly installed piping and equipment during pre-commissioning. This covers the removal of mill scale and loose matter while retaining the passivation of metal surfaces that require corrosion-resistant properties.

Chemical Decontamination:

Chemical decontamination or de-gassing eliminates the presence of explosive gases, hydrogen sulphide (H2S), mercury, benzene and pyrophoric material in process equipment and is much faster and far more effective than conventional methods, such as using steam alone.

Sanitising Service:

We have a proven track record in cleaning, decontaminating and safeguarding processes and facilities and are ready to deploy our customised spraying and fogging equipment and effective chemistries to thoroughly sanitise and disinfect any facility as a preventative measure to stop the spread of diseases such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The CR3 Difference

As we provide a full range of chemical cleaning and chemical decontamination solutions, we can recommend the most suitable solution for your specific needs. Our comprehensive approach covers safety management, all mechanical work, engineering, custom-made equipment, on-site analysis, joint integrity management, leak testing and on-site wastewater treatment.

Main Services Include

  • Chemical cleaning of process piping systems
  • Chemical decontamination of hydrocarbons, mercury and pyrophoric material
  • Chemical cleaning of oxygen service piping & equipment
  • Pre-operational cleaning in the power and process industries
  • Chemical cleaning of power station, utility & waste-heat boilers
  • Chemical cleaning of all types of heat exchanger
  • Chemical cleaning of feed water, cooling water and fire water systems
  • Specialized flushing of seal, hydraulic & lube oil systems
  • Laboratory analysis of system deposits & chemical treatments
  • Corrosion testing of cleaning solvents
  • Slug catcher cleaning & servicing
  • Internal & external ACHE or fin fan cooler cleaning
  • Sanitising & disinfecting of facilities
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