CR3 recognises the need for continuous improvement and innovation, specifically the need to drive enhanced safety, improved efficiency and productivity, support our sustainability aspirations and deliver increased value and cost savings.

Our innovation program is a unique opportunity to capture and develop new ideas in collaboration with all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, partners and staff.

As a part of the process, we endeavour to gather innovative ideas for the following categories:

  • New equipment – these ideas could save time, enhance safety, improve quality, reduce cost etc.
  • New procedure or methodology – these ideas could improve our work processes and efficiencies
  • Incremental improvements – these could make equipment or business operations safer/better
  • New technical partner – these are companies who we could consider partnering/working with
  • New service line – these are ideas relating to new services we could add to our existing business

We believe that by engaging all stakeholders to participate in our innovation program, we can identify better solutions to deliver increased value for all.