Heat exchangers of all types and sizes form an integral part of any industrial operating facility and require periodic servicing to restore heat transfer performance and normal production levels.

For many cleaning tasks, personnel are required to use high pressure water to clean equipment, exposing workers to hazards with the potential to cause serious injury.


We have identified a more effective, efficient and safer way to clean outer bundles with high pressure water.  We have invested in advanced automated technology to remove the operator from the line of fire and make the process significantly faster and more efficient.

Compared to conventional manually operated jet guns, our excavator mounted outer bundle cleaner and automated outside bundle cleaner is significantly safer and increases productivity and efficiency, as we can use much higher pressures and flowrates.


Using our automated technology for outside bundle cleaning (OBC) is faster, safer and significantly more effective than conventional methods. The remote operation of this technology makes the cleaning task far less physically demanding too.

With the minimised risk to personnel,  higher flows and pressures can be used, which improves the quality of the cleaning significantly.


  • Significantly safer
  • Increased productivity
  • Uses higher flows and higher pressures
  • Better quality cleaning
  • Longer run length between cleaning
  • Remotely operated
  • Less physically demanding on operators
  • Requires less manpower
  • Meets required inspection standards
  • Much more efficient cleaning method