Recognised as Asia’s leading ‘one-stop-shop’ solution provider, our extensive portfolio of cleaning services sets the benchmark in terms of technical, environmental and safety standards.

Our comprehensive approach covers safety management, all mechanical work, engineering, custom-made equipment, on-site analysis, joint integrity management, leak testing and on-site wastewater treatment.

As part of the Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition, we support global safety standards, safer methods of working, while utilizing more productive equipment.



  • A customer needed to clean, inspect and repair a Crude Oil Storage Tank containing significant amounts of waxy sludge whilst minimizing confined space entry


  • We used specialized hydraulic pumps to remove the sludge prior to final cleaning, replaced the tank floor with a new design, cut new floor plates and pre-fabricated replacement steam coils, nozzles and a drain


  • We cleaned the tank significantly faster than conventional methods, whilst minimizing man-entry, enabling it to return to service earlier than expected

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