Your Challenges

The build-up of coke and scale in furnace and fired heater tubes is a major concern for operators. As these deposits impact operational efficiencies, it is important to clean the tubes thoroughly, quickly and safely; first time, every time.

Traditionally, Steam Air Decoking (SAD) was used. However, there are several drawbacks with SAD, such as:

  • Incomplete removal of coke
  • Increased risk of tube erosion
  • Heat damage to tubes
  • Potential fire hazard
  • Environmental emissions
  • Longer shutdown times
  • Shorter run lengths and, as a result, higher cleaning frequencies

How We Support Your Business

These issues are all resolved with our proprietary CR3 Decoking Technology (CDT), which is proven to be safe, efficient and cost-effective. CDT does not require high temperatures, high pressures or toxic chemicals. Instead, water is applied at near ambient temperature and low pressure, typically 150 psi, to drive a pigg containing metal studs along the tube so that all the coke and scale is scraped clean from the tube wall.

The CR3 Difference

Ultimately, the CDT system provides a safer, quicker and more environmentally friendly cleaning technology that leaves you assured of a total cleaning service in all tubes.

In addition, we can also provide proprietary tube inspection (NDT) services for fired heaters, which includes a full 360° coverage for creep and crack detection on both the internal and outside surfaces of your fired heater tubes.

Main Services Include

  • Furnace / fired heater / HRSG / pipeline decoking and descaling
  • Furnace / fired heater decoking for refineries
  • Pipeline cleaning / descaling
  • Intelligent pigging of the furnace / fired heater tubes and pipelines
  • Tube inspections (NDT) of fired heater tubes
  • Fired heater revamps
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