Your Challenges

High pressure water jetting (HPWJ) or hydro-blasting is commonly used in the process industries for the penetration and removal of heavy deposits in process equipment.

With the use of high pressure cleaning processes comes the risk of exposing workers to hazards with potential to cause serious injury.

How We Support Your Business

To counter this, we have invested in advanced automated technology, which removes the operator from the line of fire and makes the cleaning process substantially faster and more efficient.

The CR3 Difference

Our specialized equipment includes automated internal and outside bundle cleaners, automated Roto-clean pipeline and in-situ tube cleaners, automated 3D tank cleaning heads, automated tube lancing equipment (TLE) for controlled cleaning of vertical tubes, automated ultra-high pressure water cutting tools and remote control multi-purpose tracked robots for working in all conditions and eliminating man-entry.

Main Services Include

  • High pressure and ultra-high pressure pumps to 2,800 bar
  • Fully automated inside and outside heat exchanger bundle cleaning system
  • Full ‘blind to blind’ service including mechanical preparation, tube bundle pulling and re-tubing
  • Roto-clean high pressure water pipeline cleaning system
  • High pressure water surface cleaning for floors and grating
  • High pressure water surface preparation for coatings and inspection
  • High pressure water automated cleaning system for reactors and tanks
  • High pressure water jet cutting of concrete, refractory and steel
  • Drain and sewer cleaning systems with simultaneous vacuuming
  • Liquid and solid vacuuming and collection systems
  • Automated tube lancing equipment (TLE) cleaners
  • Full turnaround and shutdown services on a ‘blind to blind’ basis
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