Your Challenges

Industrial waste presents a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) challenge. To minimize these risks, rigorous safety precautions and proper handling procedures are essential.

How We Support Your Business

To match these demands, we offer a broad range of waste handling and vacuum truck services including industrial waste collection and transportation to waste disposal facilities. Our fleet of Super Sucker Vacuum trucks and Waste Bin / Hook-lift trucks are capable of vacuuming and collecting both dry and liquid generated wastes.

The CR3 Difference

We have developed multi-purpose tracked robots, which work in all conditions including underwater, at high temperatures and in explosive / toxic atmospheres. The robots minimize manned entry to these high risk environments. The robots are remotely operated, fitted with cameras and perform a variety of tasks through the use of different attachments.

Main Services Include

  • Wet and dry material vacuuming and collection
  • Disposal of non-toxic and toxic wastes
  • Temporary storage and tank rental
  • Sludge and liquid transfer
  • Tank cleaning
  • Site clean-up, restoration and reinstatement
  • Road sweeping services
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