Owners and operators needing to improve the performance, reliability and uptime of their catalytic reactors, including hydroprocessing units will elect to dense load their catalysts.  Dense loading enables more catalyst to be loaded per unit volume, which increases throughput, reactor run length and product quality.


Along with our full suite of reactor services, we offer all the major dense loading technologies under license.   We have also developed our own dense loading technology that evenly distributes the catalyst to achieve a level profile and uniform density.

CR3’s Dense Loader is light, easy to handle and fast to install. The hexagonal disc-type rotor uniformly spreads the catalyst over the entire reactor diameter.  The bi-directional operation ensures a flat profile is maintained, despite any reactor internals.


Commercially proven, CR3’s Dense Loader is approved by catalyst vendors and clients for its superior performance.  Our in-house design can load all types and sizes of catalyst at rates up to 30 tons per hour.  It has even been customised to load the top ceramic balls reducing schedules further and, in certain applications, eliminating confined space entry.

Effective, reliable and cost-efficient, it loads vessels up to 100 mm below the distribution trays and routinely improves densities by 15%.

Specify CR3’s Dense Loader for your next catalyst replacement.


  • Increases throughput, reactor run length and improves product quality
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Loads all types and sizes of catalyst at rates up to 30 tons per hour
  • Loads the top ceramic balls
  • Level profile and uniform density
  • Light, easy to handle and fast to install
  • Minimises confined space entry
  • Improves densities by 15%