The conventional cleaning of heat exchanger tube internals requires personnel to be close to the high pressure water to perform the cleaning task.   With the use of high pressure cleaning processes comes the risk of exposing workers to hazards with the potential to cause serious injury.

The cleaning of hard to access locations normally puts significant stress on the operators performing the cleaning task.


CR3 has identified a more effective, efficient and safer way to clean internal tubes, in-situ heat exchangers and fin fan cooler tubes with high pressure water.  We have invested in advanced automated technology including our five-lance internal bundle cleaner (IBC), capable of cleaning five tubes at a time and our automated in-situ tube cleaning, with multiple, flexible lances to clean tubes.  This advanced technology has significantly increased the efficiency, quality and safety of internal bundle cleaning.  The multi-lance system has increased productivity too, as much higher pressures and flows can be used.


Using the automated technology for internal bundle cleaning (IBC) is faster, safer and significantly more effective than conventional methods. The operator works remotely rather than physically trying to push single lances down tubes.

As the operators are in a control cabin and kept at a safe distance, higher flows and pressures can be used, which improves the quality of the cleaning significantly.


  • Significantly safer, our automated equipment removes the operator from the line of fire
  • Increased productivity by using higher flows and higher pressures
  • Requires less manpower
  • Meets required inspection standards
  • Clean five tubes at a time
  • Better quality cleaning
  • Longer run length between cleaning
  • Much more efficient cleaning method