The unloading or decanting of catalyst or other products from drums is a slow and labour intensive process with significant manual handling.  It is often a major undertaking and requires the interaction of forklifts and cranes with people that can result in injury along with the risk of manually handling drums.


CR3 designed, built and commissioned an automated drum tipper capable of lifting up to four drums of various weights and sizes to deliver contents into loading hoppers or bulk bins safely and efficiently.  The lifting unit is powered by an electric hydraulic power pack, allowing an operator to control the process from a safe distance.  It eliminates manual handling of drums and improves efficiencies, reducing emptying schedules by up to 30%.


A significantly safer solution and at least 20% faster than conventional methods of unloading drums, our four-drum tipper avoids manual handling, working at height, fatigue and is less reliant on forklifts and cranes.

The modular design of the drum tipper minimises mobilisation costs as it can easily fit inside a standard container.


  • Safer and more efficient handling of products from drums
  • Capable of lifting up to 4 drums of various weights and sizes
  • Avoids manual handling, working at height, and fatigue
  • At least 20% faster than conventional manual operation
  • Less reliant on forklifts and cranes