Your Challenges

Recognizing the need for shorter turnarounds, reduced headcount and constantly increasing safety and quality standards, we have established a dedicated Tubular Services team to provide a one-stop solution to serve all your tubular reactor needs.

How We Support Your Business

Our combination of using advanced equipment and multi-skilled technicians in a ‘blind to blind’ approach helps to minimize downtime and maximize returns. Depending on the type of tubular reactor, catalyst or process involved, our experts customize a solution to your needs by applying different methods for unloading and loading your tubular reactors.

The CR3 Difference

Our specialist equipment is designed to minimize catalyst attrition and maximize de-dusting during loading to deliver better operational performance and longer run lengths.

Main Services Include

  • Catalyst change-outs of all types of tubular reactors including EO reactors
  • Air lancing / fish taping / ridged lancing
  • Belt loading / insert loading / Modular Insert De-dusting Catalyst loading system (M.I.D.C)
  • High pressure automated tube lancing equipment (TLE)
  • Grit blasting
  • Mechanical brushing
  • Unidense™ loading technology for reformer tubes under license by Unidense Technology GmbH
  • Inside and outer surface tube cleaning for steam-methane reformers (SMRs)
  • Tube inspections (NDT) of steam-methane reformers (SMRs)
  • Pressure drop (Pd) measurements of all tubes