Your Challenges

Nitrogen is an extremely versatile commodity due to its availability and inert properties. It is used extensively in oil and gas facilities, both onshore and offshore and has applications ranging from purging, drying, and preservation of equipment to being used in the manufacture of petrochemicals, including ammonia.

How We Support Your Business

CR3 offers the full range of nitrogen services, both onshore and offshore, and has completed some of the most challenging projects in Asia. All of our specialist technicians are highly trained, extremely skilled and have significant operations experience.

The CR3 Difference

We aim to always deliver the best quality service, whilst ensuring the project is completed within schedule, within budget and without incident.

Main Services Include

  • Nitrogen purging
  • Nitrogen drying
  • Nitrogen pressure testing
  • Nitrogen preservation / nitrogen blanketing
  • Hot nitrogen stripping
  • Reactor cool down
  • Nitrogen-Helium Leak Testing (NHLT)
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