Your Challenges

Recognising the need for the highest of safety standards, particularly when working at height, shorter schedules, and greater cost efficiency, we have established a fully integrated scaffolding business to provide a one-stop solution to serve all your maintenance needs.

How We Support Your Business

Our dedicated, highly trained and multi-skilled technicians can help you reduce numbers on site and ensure no time is wasted in handing over from the scaffolding contractor to the maintenance contractor, as we are all the same team. With our experience working with different types of scaffolding, including tubular and modular as well as with software systems that allow you to retrieve previous scaffolding designs quickly and effectively, we are ready to support you on any job, large or small.

The CR3 Difference

As the leading one-stop provider of specialised maintenance and industrial services, we are able to support your projects from start to finish by having expert staff on site throughout the entire process.

Key Benefits

We maintain High Safety Standards through our proven commitment to ensuring a safer workplace, both onshore and offshore, for all projects under the toughest of conditions.

We provide a One-Stop Solution by offering a full range of maintenance and industrial services that are fully integrated for any refurbishment, shutdown or maintenance project.

We Minimise Time and Cost by having a multi-skilled workforce and a one-team approach to supporting your scaffolding requirements throughout all phases of your project lifecycle.

Main Services Include

  • On-site evaluation of project requirements
  • Clear specification of scope and usage requirements
  • Engineering designs including determination of load requirements
  • Installation of system scaffolding to BS/EN standards
  • Inspection and tagging of scaffolding
  • Removal of scaffolding upon project completion
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