Your Challenges

Operators routinely elect to inspect, clean, replace and even upgrade the mass transfer internals in their columns and towers to satisfy ever-increasing production demands. These internals play an important role in a number of separation and reaction processes on refineries and petrochemical plants and come in a variety of forms for different applications.

How We Support Your Business

We provide the full range of services related to column and tower projects, including removal of internals, cleaning, installation of new or refurbished internals, column inspections, column modifications, and complete project management.


The CR3 Difference

Our comprehensive approach covering all aspects of the work from inspection to installation ensures we deliver optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency.

Operating under a single project management team, we support our customers with detailed estimates, plans, and procedures for executing any size of project.

Main Services Include

  • Complete package of internals and installation (with Koch-Glitsch)
  • Column and tower inspections
  • Removal of all types of column and tower internals
  • Cleaning of all types of column and tower internals
  • Internal repairs to columns and towers
  • Installation of all types of column and tower internals including structured packing, random packing, trays, and grids
  • Erection and dismantling of scaffolding inside columns and towers
  • Column and tower modifications
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