A huge thank you to all involved in the recent ammonia converter replacement job in northern India.  Excellent planning and preparations ensured the seamless catalyst change-out and replacement of a 22-ton high-pressure converter internal basket via a 400-ton crane. The highly skilled team safely executed the removal and installation of the new basket and shaved days off the schedule.

In preparation for the shutdown, our team fabricated a lot of appendages such as inspection structures, basket placement structures and jigs/fixtures, which contributed to the quick completion.

The efficient execution of the entire ammonia converter replacement project allowed the client to re-start much earlier than expected, for which they expressed their immense appreciation.


Our comprehensive approach covering all aspects of the work from inspection to installation ensures we deliver optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency.  Operating under a single project management team, we support our customers with detailed estimates, plans, and procedures for executing any size of project.

Furthermore, our strategic partnerships boost our in-house capabilities, enabling us to provide end-to-end solutions under a single contract, delivering significant savings in the process.