Our hydraulic drum tipper was recently awarded a silver medal by Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council Singapore under their Innovation category. The catalyst handling innovation is capable of lifting up to 4 drums of various weights and sizes to deliver contents into loading hoppers or bulk bins safely and efficiently. A significantly safer solution and at least 20% faster than conventional methods of unloading drums, our automated 4-drum tipper avoids manual handling, working at height, fatigue and is less reliant on forklifts and cranes.


The WSH Innovation Awards recognise work teams for their innovative solutions to improve safety and health standards in the workplace. This is the first year we’ve participated in this annual event, and we are delighted to be recognised for our innovative solutions to improve the safety of catalyst handling.

Congratulations to Anandh and his team from CR3 Singapore!

With a track record of successful project delivery, certification letters in place with all major catalyst vendors and the largest fleet of catalyst handling equipment and numbers of catalyst technicians in the region, we are regarded as Asia’s leading catalyst handling expert.  Contact us to find out more about this award-winning catalyst handling innovation.


We are committed to our staff and their welfare and providing a safe workplace for all is our highest priority.  Our safety performance is enhanced by continually investing in structured training programs, knowledge sharing, new processes and modern, automated equipment that increases productivity while minimising the risk of injury.

We adopt a behavioural based approach to safety by creating a safety partnership between all stakeholders that helps to focus the attention and actions of all staff on their daily safety behaviour, under the main themes of Comply, Intervene and Respect. This, together with continual investment in modern equipment and processes and rewarding of strong safety behaviour, underpins our drive towards safety excellence and Zero-Harm.