We are delighted to be awarded a five-year term contract for site-wide chemical decontamination services at an integrated refinery and petrochemical complex in Malaysia, which adds to our existing ARDS (atmospheric residue desulphurisation) catalyst handling plus daily maintenance and turnaround contracts at the same facility.


CR3 has partnered with ZymeFlow Decon Technology for over 15 years to provide the exclusive Zymeflow Process to refinery and petrochemical plants in Asia. Our world-class decontamination solution along with our streamlined approach minimises manual and mechanical cleaning and uses a lot less equipment than other conventional methods. By tailoring the chemistries to different process units, we typically use at least 30% less chemistry than other conventional decontamination processes and facilitate access to all major equipment within 8-12 hours.  The chemistry is exceptionally efficient yet wastewater friendly, which translates to significant savings on treatment and disposal of waste.


We have engineered and applied chemistry to suit almost every process system in a refinery and petrochemical complex including residue fluid catalytic cracking (RFCC), quench tower, butadiene, atmospheric residue desulphurization (ARDS), desalter, atmospheric distillation, hydroprocessing, catalytic reformer, merox, reformer, amine, sour water stripper, ethylene, propylene and aromatics. From single units to full plant turnarounds, we have the experience and personnel to provide fast and safe results.

Conveniently located near the complex, our Pengerang Site Office (PSO) is a fully equipped facility with R&D resources, warehouse for storage of chemicals as well as all the tools and equipment needed to perform the decontamination services.

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