Group Photo of CR3 Management Team

Senior management from CR3 participated in a three-day Business Development and Operations workshop held in Rayong, Thailand; the event was led by the newly appointed CEO, Roberto Beneventi.

Mark Stansfield, who joined the Board as Executive Director, opened the workshop with a presentation of CR3’s current performance and growth; Mark also took the time to thank the teams for their contributions over the years and officially welcomed Roberto, as the new CEO of the CR3 Group.

Roberto then addressed the room, formally introducing himself and outlining his vision for CR3 as we look to increase growth and presence in all operational regions. Roberto also emphasised the company’s aspirations to venture into new markets as part of its expansion strategy.

Over the next two days, the managers in attendance delivered a series of presentations covering a wide range of subjects. These presentations covered various topics, including Green Energy, Innovation, Diversity, Risk Management, Compliance, and Human Capital Management.

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for some of the managers to convene in person for the first time. The event proved to be highly fruitful, as numerous ideas and initiatives emerged from the discussions and presentations held during the workshop.

Images from the Event