Heat Exchanger Bundle

CR3 Malaysia, in partnership with Shapadu Energy Services (also known as SCRA), was awarded a routine heat exchanger maintenance project in Pengerang, Malaysia. The scope involved blinding, bundle pulling, hydro-jet cleaning and re-installation of the bundles. This was our first major job under the recently formed partnership, and it was executed safely and efficiently.

We have since been awarded 12 more heat exchangers to clean and maintain. These have been pulled, cleaned and sent for repairs to the EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning) contractor. Once repairs are completed, we will re-install the bundles.

We are delighted to have completed the job to the client’s satisfaction and look forward to further demonstrating our strong partnership and commitment to the long-term TA4MS (Turnaround Main mechanical and Maintenance Mechanical Static) contract in Pengerang.