Despite the nation-wide restrictions in India owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to provide essential maintenance and repairs at various refineries around the country. Clear guidelines and stringent protocols created together with our clients, ensure our staff are at minimal risk of infection.

Recently executed jobs include the catalyst replacement of vacuum gas oil (VGO) and sulphur recovery units (SRU) at a refinery in southern India. These reactors were dense loaded under inert conditions. In western India, we safely executed catalyst handling jobs at a substitute natural gas plant.

Our teams are constantly reminded of the need to practice safe social distancing at all times. The comprehensive support extended by our clients plays a key role in establishing a safe environment for our teams on and off the site.

Our crews on site are supported immensely by the office team who coordinate with a lot of administrative departments at multiple governmental levels at all times to ensure seamless mobilisation, stay and job execution.