CR3 is committed to reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and is targeting being carbon neutral by 2050. Our efforts towards this goal were given increased focus when we completed our latest GHG (Greenhouse Gas) assessment. The assessment was an excellent way to identify and understand the largest source of GHG emissions within our organisation.

In sites across our business, the use of solar panels as an alternative source to power our offices and workshops is at the final review stage. We will ensure all new large equipment purchased to support our operations is powered by electricity or, if not possible, by the cleanest, highest specification low emission engines possible.

We will cease the use of single use plastics and, in addition, we will switch to using refrigerants, like R-401A, which have the lowest Global Warming Potential. These initiatives are consistent with global industrial standards and we look forward to assessing our improvements year-on-year.

CR3’s early actions and market-driven sustainable solutions will reduce our carbon emissions further and, given time, increase our environmental transparency for all our clients and partners to benefit.