We recently showcased several catalyst handling innovations on the change-out of a 5.4-metre diameter diesel hydrotreater at the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel in Singapore.  The blind to blind scope included inert entry unloading with the simultaneous use of Rover, our robotic unloading solution, and dense loading with CR3’s Dense Loading technology.

Our catalyst handling innovations enhanced safety and significantly improved efficiency.  By using Rover in tandem with experienced technicians, we executed the unloading much faster than conventional unloading.  Therefore, minimising downtime. Our specialist inert entry technicians used our lockable helmets for maximum safety.  These BA (breathing apparatus) helmets are specifically designed for working in nitrogen atmospheres and have built-in communication systems.  Comfortable and lightweight, the helmet locks on to prevent them from being removed when working under inert conditions.

Utilising CR3’s Dense Loader provided substantial cost savings to the client. The loading was completed within schedule, despite the uncharacteristically bad weather for the time of year while exceeding all loading parameters.  The final box up was leak-free, and subsequent commissioning led to an early system start-up.

We are proud to have executed this very successful shutdown during exceedingly difficult times, in a safe, efficient and professional manner.   The client commended the whole team on a job well done.

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