We are excited to bring portable, large flange facing equipment to South East Asia to provide more cost-effective onsite repairs and refurbishment of flange faces up to 120 inches in diameter.

In Thailand, we have been awarded a project to repair the flanges of an 84-inch refractory (fireproofing) lined manway. To avoid damaging the lining, we will fabricate carbon steel bended 8mm support plates to install the legs (clamping jaws) required for the internally mounted flange facing machine.

In August, our Thailand and Singapore offices are teaming up to support a customer in Bangladesh with the catalyst change-out and internal repairs of an ammonia converter.  The scope includes cold cutting, welding, and the machining of a large 116-inch flange.    Despite the flange’s internal diameter being well within the machine’s capability, we will fabricate new clamping jaws to extend the internally mounted clamping range to cope with this specialised flange.

We are excited to demonstrate our joint integrity expertise and the benefits of using our large flange facing equipment. We have a vast array of portable machines ideal for turning, drilling, milling and grinding and can offer all these services at your site, significantly reducing downtime and cost.