In May 2017, CR3 Malaysia was executing for the 1st project for Chemical Decontamination Work at Hengyuan Refining Company (HRC) at Port Dickson, Malaysia.

The Scope of work for HRC is to perform decontamination for 3 loops consists of Vessel, Heat exchanger, Column & fractionator and Desalter unit. As the same time, we also perform mechanical work such as spading & blinding work and waste management from decontamination work. Chemical utilization also reduces level of hydrocarbon release and meets with client specification.

With Support of equipment from CR3 Thailand & CR3 Singapore, we deliver without any delay and work safely. Also support from Zyme-Flow, we are manage to complete the job within 3 days.

CR3 Malaysia would like to thanks to HRC for give opportunities to us and making job smooth, safe and successful pit stop shutdown. It’s show that CR3 Malaysia wills growth their capabilities in Chemical Cleaning services and references for further market at Malaysia.