CR3 Catalyst handling department secured contracts in HCU2 for overhauling and testing of 11 combined feed heat exchangers, catalyst replacement and inspection activities of 3 hydrocracker reactors, M& I of 8nos columns, overhauling and hydro-testing of 31 air fin coolers and 29 heat exchangers. Job scope at CDU 1 involved overhauling and testing of 102 heat exchangers and 29 fin fan coolers.

The CFE’s were the most critical of the jobs. The project involved deployment of specialized diaphragm cutting equipment for the removal of the welded diaphragm. The seating area had to be machined prior to re-installation by welding.

Jobs at reactors involved catalyst replacement and inspection activities varying from edge preparation of all existing weld joints, DPT, thermocouple replacement, grit blasting, thickness survey and internal repairs.

Jobs at columns included circumferential patch plate welding, tray repairs amongst general overhaul.

This was one of the biggest financial grossers for catalyst handling division at CR3 India during 2017-18. A total of 500 personnel were deployed for these jobs.