Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited (SPRC) has awarded CR3 Thailand (CRAT) its largest project on record. The 2019 turnaround will include construction work and specialized maintenance services.

This project started in October 2018 with the engineering and planning phase of the job. Continuing with preconstruction, training, on-site construction, decontamination, cleaning, catalyst change-outs, cold cutting, inspections, repairs and other maintenance works until completion in December 2019. A total of 15 months’ work to prepare for and execute a shutdown of only 45 days. CRAT estimates the required manpower for this project to be over 3,000 during peak periods.

SPRC was established in 1992 and became a key customer of CRAT in 1997. SPRC owns and operates a petroleum refinery in the Rayong Province of Thailand. The company provides transportation fuels and petrochemical feedstock. It is also involved in the production of liquefied petroleum gas, polymer grade propylene, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil, crude, reformate, sulfur, mixed C4 and asphalt. SPRC is a subsidiary of Chevron South Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Suntorn Chonkhunthod
Superintendent, Offshore Fabrication Division
CR3 Thailand