A diverse team lead by Stefan Breet, of CR3 Thailand achieves monumental success in Jamnagar, India.

A Parex reload project was recently executed at the world’s largest refinery in Western India, by a joint team of CR3 India (CRAI) and CR3 Thailand (CRAT). The team achieved the completion target ahead of schedule, despite the challenging schedule planned.

Immense domestic demand in sight, placing the unit back into operation was of the utmost priority. The teams from CRAI and CRAT worked collaboratively with all stakeholders, including the client and licensor to ensure a very successful and incident free project, which was completed comfortably ahead of schedule.

An exemplary display of professionalism and understanding of the importance of this project, it was executed without interruption. The client has always been the frontrunner in terms of Parex shutdown jobs. Their comprehensive planning and involvement in executing jobs, requires they have a stringent monitoring team in place at all times. It is a monumental achievement by the team having surpassed their strategies on all accords. All previous Parex reloads at this refinery have been benchmarks, and the latest one increased the bar even higher.