Building on the successful turnaround carried out by CR3 Thailand (CRAT) for Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited (SPRC) in 2014, CRAT anticipated it would be heavily involved in SPRC’s next major event scheduled for November 2019.

CRAT has been actively planning this turnaround with SPRC for approximately two years. After establishing the scopes for both the maintenance works and the piping upgrade and revamp, the Fabrication & Installation Services area commenced offsite piping fabrication at the end of 2018. The engineering preparation had been ongoing for several months prior.

With a total scope of 130 tons of steel structure fabricated and 34,000 inch diameter welding of pipework in carbon and stainless steel, as well as Hastelloy material, up to 42-inch diameter. The team commenced installation within the live plant early 2019. A new steel structure complete with fire-proof coating has been fabricated and installed, while the associated equipment and pipework are nearing completion. Staff and field personnel now number around 350, with a projected maximum of around 3,000 at the peak in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Together with the project works, regular plant maintenance is executed simultaneously; over 120 heat exchangers, 25 vessels and 8 columns making up a part of the 225 item scope. After several months of planning and scheduling, CRAT began tray mock-ups and have completed several of the exchangers’ pre-event preparations. These preparations are greatly appreciated as it reduces the event scope.

Before maintenance works can begin, the plant must first go through a decontamination process by the Pipeline Service Division. Teams from CRAT will then carry out mechanical maintenance works on the crude distillation unit (CDU), vacuum distillation unit (VDU), platformer and fluid catalyst cracking unit (FCCU). CRAT’s Special Services Division will support both project and maintenance works with ultra high-pressure water jetting cutting (UHPWJ), diamond wire cutting, bolt torquing, pipe cutting and flange machining. The Catalyst and High-Pressure Cleaning Divisions will work on change-outs and cleaning work throughout the entire event.

Human Resources and Operations teams are formulating the plan for recruiting over 1500 people for the maintenance works alone. There is a significant amount of training and onboarding to be completed before the kick off in earnest on 1st November.