CR3 is honoured to receive an Epicor Customer Excellence Award for Cloud Deployment. CR3 Group started the implementation of Epicor in April 2019. Epicor is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system required to ensure an appropriate level of management and operational control of projects is maintained. Especially during this period of increasing number, size and complexity of projects across all CR3 Group companies. CR3 Thailand (CRAT) is the first company to implement Epicor. CR3 India (CRAI) will follow in 2019 while CR3 Singapore (CRAS) and CR3 Malaysia (CRAM) will implement Epicor in 2020. CRAT went “live” with Epicor on 1 May 2019.

Epicor is a cloud-based system that gives access to information from anywhere in our region, be it on a job site or in the offices. All managers will be able to access reliable project data – faster. CR3 expects Epicor will improve the quality of its management information and decision-making processes. It will also make the reservation of labour and equipment for future projects possible, integrating separate processes into one system and therefore reducing the need for the existing independent sub-systems. These will be phased out over time.

The Operations team in CRAT is adjusting to the new system. Overall, it functions as intended. A notable achievement for both CR3 Group and Epicor Software, as it was a complex implementation using the latest available technology from Epicor. This led to CRAT being nominated for the “Epicor Customer Excellence Award for Cloud Deployment” in July. On behalf of CRAT, ICT Manager, Anuchet Kabcrua, received the award and the prize of a S$500 donation to a local school in the Rayong area for school uniforms.