CR3 India (CRAI) is responsible for keeping the lights on at the captive power plant as part of the comprehensive maintenance contract (CMC) for the world’s largest refinery in Western India. The 635 MW plant consists of 11 gas turbines of 30 MW capacity each, one gas turbine of 125 MW capacity and six steam turbine generators of 30 MW capacity each. CRAI-CMC maintains these turbines and the associated heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and auxiliary boilers within the plant to strict standards as specified by the Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR).

At the beginning of the contract, CRAI-CMC had 35 staff on site for 15 days to carry out the required IBR scheduled maintenance activities. However, by improving the productivity of its workforce, CRAI-CMC is executing the same services with just 28 staff over 13 days. This number is expected to gradually reduce further through multi-skilling and on-the-job training. With the enhanced crews and detailed planning of the jobs, CRAI-CMC expects to execute the same services with just 20 staff over 11 days.