CR3 Thailand (CRAT) executed the shutdown for Thai Paraxylene Company Limited (TPX) during June and July 2019. The petrochemical plant, located in Chonburi Thailand, plays a major role in generating revenue for the Thaioil Group.

The shutdown of the Parex chambers (Paraxylene unit) included the unloading of adsorbent, modifications to the centre pipe, installation of new grids and related piping and the loading of fresh adsorbent.

To ensure a continuous supply of adsorbent at the top of the unit, CRAT fabricated an overhead structure with three lifting points instead of the normal two. CRAT’s new 3.2-tonne overhead crane increased the lifting capacity, which reduced the number of lifts required.

The unloading phase was completed successfully and the newly designed filter cyclone removed virtually all of the dust, saving the filters on the vacuum unit.

CR3’s 4-drum automated drum tipper combined with the use of 2m3 tote bins improved the efficiency even further, as the drum tipping could be performed at ground level and the number of lifts significantly reduced.

The pre-welding of internal piping saved time during the installation phase and also minimized inspections.