36. CRAI Safety Performance

CR3 India (CRAI) received recognition for its excellent performance during the large shutdown at a major refinery on the East Coast of India between September and November2019. Our Catalyst Handling and Mechanical Services Divisions were heavily invested in numerous jobs during the shutdown. The scope included catalyst and internals replacement on numerous reactors, internal mechanical works on the continuous catalytic regeneration(CCR) units, reactor repair jobs and overhauling multiple high pressure and Breech-lock heat exchangers.

A significant part of the scope was the internals and catalyst replacement of two diesel hydrotreating (DHT) reactors. Despite a host of mechanical issues which propped up during execution, our experienced team were able to handle them adeptly to complete the job within schedule.

In addition to the catalyst replacement of four CCR reactors, we executed maintenance on the internal components including in-situ centre pipe and expansion bellow gasket replacement for all four reactors as well as repairs to scallops.

We overhauled, serviced and tested four high-pressure heat exchangers weighing 30 MT each and three Breech-lock heat exchangers. A high-precision in-situ cutting machine was used for the removal of the welded diaphragm which was salvaged and re-used.

Additionally, we executed maintenance works and catalyst replacements on the Prime G unit and naphtha hydrotreater (NHT).

The diverse team of 350 personnel completed all activities without incident and within schedule.This outstanding safety performance is a result of hard work, strong support from management and continuous collaboration between all stakeholders including other contractors, inspection agencies and the owner’s original equipment manufacturers.