We are very proud to be recognised by the world’s largest refinery in Western India as Best Contractor for our safety performance for a second consecutive year. CR3 India (CRAI) is responsible for the comprehensive maintenance contract (CMC) at the refinery, and the team is dedicated to upholding the safety culture of the organisation and continually striving for safety excellence.

This outstanding achievement was awarded during the 49th Indian National Safety Day celebrations on the 4th March. Indian National Safety Day is a national campaign aimed to renew the safety commitment of employees to work safely throughout the year. This can only be achieved through the hard work and dedication of the entire team to demonstrate strong safety behaviour at all times. Our safety team always inspire and motivate the workforce through regular training and safety awareness programs. They encourage participation in all safety activities to ensure we give it the priority it deserves and apply our safety learning at all times.

Congratulations CRAI-CMC on this outstanding achievement!