#GreenStories – CR3 is committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, partners, and staff, to deliver a fair, safe and sustainable future.

In this series of #GreenStories, we share the actions we have taken to help our customers pursue continuous improvements in energy efficiency and decarbonisation.

In this example, CR3 was quick to help a customer stop a leak that was causing environmental issues for them. CR3 engineers rapidly mobilised to conduct a site survey to understand the extent of the problem, which was a 16-inch valve operating at a pressure of 160 bar and temperature of 180 degrees Celsius leaking high pressure steam.

As the valve was unable to be removed and partly damaged by previous maintenance work, CR3 recommended a cover box to surround the valve assembly.

Once the solution was approved by the customer, the CR3 team worked round the clock to procure, fabricate and weld all the components. In less than 24 hours, CR3 designed a cover box fully compliant with ASME Section VIII standards and inclusive of a suitable safety margin.

The CR3 team had to inject 82kg worth of compounds and installed the cover box under extremely harsh conditions. The entire job was concluded quickly and without any incidents or injury. This immediately arrested the leak of the high pressure steam and enabled the plant to operate more efficiently and effectively. The customer is likely to use CR3 to replace the valve at the next planned shutdown.

As CR3 continues to help our customers pursue continuous improvements in energy efficiency and decarbonisation, we want to thank our Online Leak Sealing team for another successful project delivery!

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