Our Mercury Management team just got stronger with Process Mercury Group‘s (PMG’s) addition of Robert Brunette as partner and Director of Business and Technical Solutions. Bob was involved in the development of mercury sampling media, specialised sampling equipment and application of sensitive mercury analysis methods, that today, enable the CR3 and PMG team to accurately and reliably detect mercury in natural gas and a host of additional environmental and industrial oil and gas matrices.

The addition of Bob to the Process Mercury Group and CR3 team strengthens our technical collaboration and builds toward completing our goal to offer the most comprehensive mercury measurement and management solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Over 25 Years of Industry Experience

Our collective know-how draws on over 25 years of industry experience to offer specialised equipment, chemistries and methods for QHSE monitoring and mercury decontamination of hydrocarbon processing systems (vessels, columns, drums, pipelines, tanks and valves made from carbon, stainless steel or other materials susceptible to mercury contamination).

CR3 has successfully completed thousands of mercury management projects. Utilising advanced methods and specialised equipment, we sample and analyse mercury in hydrocarbon process streams, including natural gas, natural gas liquids, refinery fuel gas and olefins.

Our clients also benefit from accredited and licensed mercury waste disposal, complete with Chain of Custody documentation. Working with certified and accredited disposal companies, our experts provide safe and transparent disposal options that meet all local regulations and environmental requirements.

Increase the efficiency of your operations through our deep understanding of the issues and our ability to provide high-quality international solutions via local resources quickly and cost-effectively, thereby enhancing the reliability and productivity of your operations.

Please contact us to learn more about our new team member Bob Brunette, and our collaboration with PMG: cr3.group/contact-us/

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