#OurPeopleAreOurBrand – Here at CR3, our business is our people!

In this series of #OurPeopleAreOurBrand, we share stories on what CR3 means to our colleagues and what they hope to achieve with CR3.

Here is our next story…

CR3 is made up of people who aim for excellence and achieve it with the support of their teammates and leaders. Meet Mr C M Handa, one such person who exemplifies the culture of CR3.

“One of my most memorable moments was when I started back in November 2004, where I learnt about the diversity and inclusiveness of CR3. We have people from all over the world! I had the opportunity to work with some of them including those in the senior management team.

Since joining, CR3 has successfully implemented mechanical decoking in almost all of the government and private refineries here. I have so many fond memories of these achievements and it was no easy feat as the concept of mechanical decoking was very new at that time.

CR3 has evolved professionally – the new CR3 logo symbolises our new mission and future prospects. CR3 embodies our ambition to continuously expand in the energy sector from regional to global player, as well as develop new, innovative energy engineering solutions.

On a personal level, my journey has been filled with learning and growth opportunities. All thanks to the unparalleled mentorship by CR3 and the camaraderie of all my colleagues.

I hope to inspire the next generation in CR3, particularly in the CR3 Decoking Technology team, where I am the Senior Manager, to reach for greater heights together!”