#OurPeopleAreOurBrand – Here at CR3, our business is our people!

In this series of #OurPeopleAreOurBrand, we share stories on what CR3 means to our colleagues and what they hope to achieve with CR3.

Here is our next story…

As the saying goes: If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

This is true for Kanaksinh Solanki when he joined CR3 in November 2012 as a Junior Planner. He has made some very good friends here, and his working experience with CR3 has been an enriching journey.

“I would say it was a blessing to start my journey with CR3 in a small team. My supervisors played a significant part in my career. They observed and identified my core skills and allowed me to hone my abilities.

One of the highlights of my CR3 career was in 2018 when I had the opportunity to attend a specialised pump operations course in Singapore.

There have been episodes where the situation I was in was very challenging. But because of, my inspirational supervisors, my exceptional colleagues, and the timely training and retraining I have gone through kept me focused and determined to finish all my tasks.

2022 marks my 10th year with CR3, and currently, I am based in Jamnagar, India, as a Senior Project Engineer.

The team I am in now is much bigger, and as many can attest, the experience we have lived will always be the best teacher. I can only thank CR3 for all of this!

CR3 is on the way up! Our new logo is a positive change, and our unique colour demonstrates our commitment to clean energy. No matter how challenging it will be for us in the future, CR3 will reach higher and further as we continuously develop and expand in the energy sector.”