#OurPeopleAreOurBrand – Here at CR3, our business is our people!

In this series of #OurPeopleAreOurBrand, we share stories on what CR3 means to our colleagues and what they hope to achieve with CR3.

Here is our next story…

Meet Puganeswaran Ravie, Project Coordinator at CR3 Singapore. Ravie has received training in various aspects of his role since joining 5 years ago, enabling him to develop and become a key member of the operations team.

Ravie supports the day-to-day running of the yard and workshop and was keen to share his thoughts on the recent change to CR3.

“For me, I want to expand with CR3 and grow with the company. I foresee we will need more people and equipment to cope with the growth in business opportunities. The new equipment will be more energy efficient than before and we are already looking at sourcing electric engines, where possible, and those that run on cleaner fuels.

With this rebranding, I can say that the new green colour demonstrates the company’s commitment to clean energy and attracting new customers. Because to me, green means being positive and it resembles growth.

I am always with the team, and everyone is excited and happy about the future, and you know what happens when the team’s mood is good?

Success for them, for myself, more success for the company, and even greater success for our customers!”