#OurPeopleAreOurBrand – Here at CR3, our business is our people!

In this series of #OurPeopleAreOurBrand, we share stories on what CR3 means to our colleagues and what they hope to achieve with CR3.

Here is our next story…

Subhakanta Jena still fondly remembers the day he joined CR3 in September 2016. He remembers how anxious he was starting a role with CR3, but his attention to detail, proactiveness and analytical thinking guided his actions as a HR Manager supporting the continuous maintenance contract at the world’s largest refinery complex.

“With our new CR3 brand and logo, I feel an immense sense of pride to be associated with a company such as CR3. I have grown professionally and personally despite the usual ups and downs along the way.

CR3’s vibrant green logo highlights the importance of sustainability to our company. It connects our past with new opportunities to help customers be more energy efficient and reduce their emissions.

In my position, I am fortunate to be working for CR3 at the world’s largest refinery in India. These experiences have given me a better perspective of what makes CR3 an outstanding organisation.

My colleagues in CR3 carry a wealth of knowledge and experience and when we all come together, CR3 is formidable. Ultimately, it is this collaborative environment that will ensure CR3’s continued growth in energy engineering solutions.

The timing of our new brand and logo is perfect and all of us are looking forward to the new challenges ahead.”