#OurPeopleAreOurBrand – Here at CR3, our business is our people!

In this series of #OurPeopleAreOurBrand, we share stories on what CR3 means to our colleagues and what they hope to achieve with CR3.

Here is our next story…

Surasit Wong-On is a determined and hardworking Operations Manager at CR3 Thailand. He aspires to be successful and his desire to improve himself has motivated him throughout his career. He is into his 20th year and sees CR3 as a catalyst for positive change.

“CR3 exudes a calm, cool and clean appearance and I can say this because of what I have seen and observed throughout the industry we are in.

When I started my engineering career in 1994, I noticed there was a lack of focus on being clean and green. Fast forward to today, I can see there is more sustainability in the industry and CR3 can be seen as a leader in providing sustainable energy engineering solutions.

The customers and the technical partners that have been with us will realise that we as a company are easy to deal with and are very transparent in the way we conduct our business.

I joined CR3 in 2002 after working together on a revamping project 2 years earlier. Since then, I have been fortunate to have leaders and managers who have helped me grow professionally.

CR3 has allowed me to learn and grow at a steady pace. I started as a planning engineer and slowly rose up to operations manager. Of course, I owe this success to CR3!

CR3 is like a river, always discovering new paths and journeys. Similarly, CR3 is growing our business in new energy areas and making our solutions more sustainable for everyone.

2022 marks my 20th year with CR3 and since day one I am very proud to be associated with CR3!”