CR3 is busy preparing for a Major Turnaround at a large integrated refinery and petrochemical complex in SE Asia.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Plant chemical decontamination with our technical partner, ZymeFlow,
  • 500 heat exchangers to dismantle, pull, clean, reinstate & test,
  • 45 reactors to open, remove & replace catalyst and internals. This involves utilising our unique Advanced Wet Dumping technology for the RDS (resid desulphurisation) unit to minimise inert entry to confined spaces,
  • Mechanical cleaning of fired heaters with our CR3 Decoking Technology,
  • Specialist diamond wire and high pressure water jet cutting of major equipment items and large diameter piping for extensive converter modification and replacement.

Together with our key technical partners, we aim to achieve best-in-class performance while optimising total cost and schedule for the client.

To cope with the extremely large number of heat exchangers requiring maintenance, we will be sourcing 4 more high pressure water pumps and 6 more semi-automated exchanger cleaning units. These additions to our fleet of specialised equipment will maximise our productivity and keep our operators safe.

The turnaround will start in September and involve 1,800 professionals from multiple disciplines and a wide-range of modern specialist equipment. This approach is necessary to ensure that all scopes of work are completed safely and within the clients’ expected timeframe.