CR3 has successfully completed a project for a refinery and petrochemical complex in Vietnam, achieving a record-breaking catalyst changeout and restoring the client’s RHDS (Residue Hydro Desulphurisation) Module 1 unit to operation. This record achievement for the replacement of catalyst has enabled our client to further maximise their production of clean fuels.

This marks our ninth change-out of these six, double bed reactors at the site. The fused and agglomerated catalyst was a challenge that CR3 managed to overcome with our Advanced Wet Dumping technology. With this proprietary technology, our team was able to expertly remove the catalyst from the reactor and separate it from the wastewater before filtering and reusing it.

As a testament to our efficiency and safety-conscious approach, CR3 has completed the changeout of 1500m³ of catalyst in record time, beating our previous best time by over 6%. Importantly, this was achieved without any reported incidents of lost time injury, medical treatment injury, near misses, or spills.

In addition to our experienced team, we brought in fresh perspectives and expanded our knowledge by selecting team members from our catalyst division staff in CR3 Thailand, with auditors from CR3 Malaysia present in preparation for their upcoming catalyst changeout project.

We would like to express our appreciation to the diligent team and site leaders, including Callum Smith, Kanit Chitnan, Sedthachai Jantrapan, and Josie Lombaard, for their superb coordination of both shifts. This accomplishment showcases our innovative solutions as we continue to provide energy engineering services to our valued clients.