We received several congratulations from our technical partners this week following the launch of our new CR3 brand.
Through our technical partners, we have unparalleled access to the latest equipment and technology from around the world. This collaborative approach ensures our customers always benefit from having access to the latest solutions on any given project.
TubeMaster Inc. was one such partner to be in touch, and it was their President/CEO, Cliff Johns, who provided a glowing testimonial last year, stating CR3 was the best catalyst handling contractor he had worked with worldwide.
CR3 has worked with TubeMaster on numerous ethylene oxide (EO) reactor projects. TubeMaster prides itself on having specialist tubular reactor technology that assists the completion of projects in half the time, with half the people.
We want to thank all our technical partners for their messages of support, and we look forward to working with them all to bring about a cleaner energy future.